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akkent hz. he died under the collapsed pier during the construction of the abdullah mosque.


i know him personally. he is a good person for the worlds, he is someone who has made it a habit to help people for free. i hope he will get rid of this difficulty and be reunited with his family, scare bro. we love you.


he was saved alive but died. what a pity.. may god have mercy on him ... what is the ambition of such a huge mosque? what will it do? is it a hospital or a school? islam is a religion that is practical enough to pray where you lay your mat. if open-air mosques built prayer places... gaziantep needs a school. after the children like a flock, plenty of soldiers will reach isis.


he was rescued 33 hours later with injuries. in the hope that he can hold on to life...


he is a sought-after unfortunate young engineer, who was under the rubble of the construction of a great mosque from the center of the huge nasa, which was built in gaziantep, and could not be removed from the dent for 24 hours. may god help his family and himself.


colleague... since these 2 days, i always had the hope of good news from him. because not everyone was like me, they were using their protective equipment. i said to god, i hope he is one of them, i prayed for help. if i see a street that i do not know, i will pass by it. for someone.. i got up 20 minutes ago, i read the news of his death on a construction page i followed on instagram, i was very sad and questioned myself and questioned the profession.. god have mercy on him


life is so strange. the engineer said that the buildings were dangerous 5 years ago and this became news. now it's buried under construction debris. very, very tragic... news


who will pay for this life now? it's a miracle that he was the only one inside at that time. i have a lot to say, but those with a conscience understood what i said even though i didn't turn up.