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it's normal. they are synonyms. but when it's a woman, it's different. my first choice is a woman, if it's necessary, the lady should go and the chick come.


i am not saying it is not said, it can be said; although it is debatable to whom and in what situations, my problem is about who should not say it. high school students shouldn't say it, know it, don't let adolescent grown-ups say it, twoiii. that's it, there are two, i wasted.


because we can't call it a woman. look, it doesn't work, right? sometimes you have to say chick when that's the case.*


during the university years, we witnessed a dialogue between a feminist girl and a sexist man: e - or that girl is also very dirty in the exams. k - yes, you're right. e - okay let's say a woman eheheh. k - i say lady! e-wife! k - lady!!! e - bitch!!!


the vast majority of women like it, although the panther ambitions here do not like it. men, say you chick, you will benefit from it without hesitation. don't look, there is a ferishtah in all of them waiting to be grasped tightly with decent arms. you work on your subconscious, you eat a lot of bread.


if the word "woman" sounds rude, the word "lady" artificial, the word "feminine" and the word "lady" seem too formal, it is called a woman of the opposite sex who is appreciated and admired. those who emulate uncle freud and look for psychoanalytic reasons are dombili.


if the men are also called inn, it is quite logical. i'm doing it for example, it's great. - o volkan han what's up? + good, what are you doing, didn't you come with crocus? - no, Çiğdem hatun is sick at home.


(see: calling women women) (see: calling women women) (see: calling women women) (see: calling women women) (see: calling women women) (see: calling women women)

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