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sauna tracksuit

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nylon-derived tracksuit, which should be considered as a skin care tool if it is to be used, rather than a weight loss. as long as you don't burn a decent amount of calories, it doesn't make any sense to have sweated liters. since doing sports with him increases the water output many times, the duration of the sport should be kept at a reasonable level.


weird thing. if you do sports with sauna sweatpants on, sweat will flow from the sleeves of the sweatpants from the legs of the sweatpants. you can also take an ice-cold shower on top of it. it gives both body and conscience comfort.


the tracksuit, which makes the wearers sweat a lot and loses water due to being made of laylon, which makes the people of my homeland, who are weighed after the walk, are happy because they think they have lost weight. of course, that lost water will be replaced as soon as possible, and our people will regain their old weight separately.


i saw many obese people, they did not have sauna sweatpants, i saw many sauna sweatpants, they were not obese


sweaty, suffocating nylon bag tracksuit, which was very fashionable for a while.


let's lose weight together, we will wear a piece of his school; it's a lie, even though he loses liters of water, he doesn't get weak by eating like a pervert and wearing sweatpants, his nerves are weak, he's different...


these tracksuits have been around for years. inside is cotton, outside is synthetic. that's why they make a rustling sound. as the person wearing the sweatpants moves and makes effort, they start to sweat bead by patter. this is where the analogy of sauna comes from. recently, these tracksuits have come to the fore again with an advertisement on samanyolu tv. the ad begins with "people have become conscious, now they are wearing sauna sweatpants". pretty detailed and funny. watch it with a smile on your face.


"our nation is getting conscious".öh.

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