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i watched the screening that took place in alkazar until the end without sleeping and said: hungary is a plain, flat place because of him, brother. the most beautiful is our hometown.


i think watching this movie is one of the greatest successes of cinema. regards trouble tarr, regards.


it takes up to 8 hours. the first half hour is spent watching the cows running around at sunrise. in the second half hour, a woman can watch the same cows. i don't remember the rest, i fell asleep..


the movie slows down your metabolism. heart rate drops to 45-50. large blood pressure 7, can not be taken small. but you are not sleeping. you still maintain contact with the outside world. after all, you don't feel like you've watched a 7.5-hour movie at all. don't be afraid to start. cat note: i think cats definitely like this movie too.


motion picture. i don't know how many, bela tarr* was present in the screening at the istanbul film festival, and even wanted to answer the audience's questions at the end of the film. (hey dude, he didn't watch the seven-hour movie, and he slipped into the hall in the last ten minutes.) no one asked questions, and the audience left the hall with slow steps, rubbing their eyes. in one of the long sequences of the movie, while they are dancing*, thin spiders are entangled under the cracked woven tables in the coffee house and among the misty glasses.


it is the ulysse of the cinema world.


satantango is the black and white masterpiece of béla tarr, made in 1994, each hour of which includes a different understanding of 'heavy art'. satantango (devil's tango) is based on the hungarian writer laszlo krasznahorkai's novel, and bela tarr's idea of making this film dates back to 1985, which was completed in 1994 due to the harsh policies of the then hungarian government. the duration of the movie is 450 minutes, that is 7 hours 30 minutes and the language is hungarian.