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sasaki kojiro

When Musashi saw the samurai, he was dressed like a beggar. He was shocked and asked "I'm going to duel with this, what is this?" before he was killed by Miyamoto Musashi who hit him on the head with a shovel. Musashi was unable to defend himself and was defeated.


sasaki kojiro

Kojiro Hyuga is a fictional character from the Japanese manga series Captain Tsubasa. He is a talented soccer player and the main rival of the protagonist, Tsubasa Ozora.

Kojiro Hyuga is a character from a Japanese comic book series called Captain Tsubasa. He is a very good soccer player and is the main competition for the main character, Tsubasa Ozora.


sasaki kojiro

In the comic book Vagabond, the main character Miyamoto is one of the biggest enemies of Musashi. He is not actually deaf in real life, but the author of the comic book made him deaf to add more excitement to the story.


sasaki kojiro

In the manga Vagabond, the character is shown as someone who cannot hear or speak.


sasaki kojiro

Sasaki and Musashi had a duel on an island far away from people and crowds. Sasaki had too many students and it was feared that they would hurt Musashi if he lost. It is said that Musashi arrived late to the duel and used the sun to his advantage to defeat Sasaki. Sasaki used a long sword called a nodachi, while Musashi used a wooden sword he had made from a tree he found on his way to the island.

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