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"istanbul tuberculosis society erenkoy sanatorium has started accepting patients, mustesna location, excellent ministry, especially the perfect kitchen, a completely peaceful life breakfast, lunch, afternoon breakfast, dinner and night milk, medicine, x-ray and treatment are included in the day" year: 1932


it is the first hospital/care house that was opened in heybeliada in the country and was used for tuberculosis patients in the past. subject location of thomas mann's book der zauberberg.


when you look at its name, it looks like the place where countries are ruled and the fate of billions is determined, but it is a hospital.


a perfect feridun düzağaç song that leaves you a little hesitant at first listen, but leads you to a hopeless obsession over time. listen, that's enough and i can tell from your eyes and for me the favorite of the album. without forgetting i love you so much fd. listening and loving you is a privilege...


the song that reminds me of a butterfly's dream... lovers meeting in the sanatorium; rüştü, muzaffer and mediha... well done feridun düzağaç for his voice that blows the wounds in our souls.


it is a nursing home, or rather a "healing home", where people who are excluded due to any illness are deployed with the deception of "look, we're giving you a place to stay, you'll be fine". they usually put the tuberculers. wherever this word came from, i don't really like it at all. if we could give a link in the, i would also give a link to the rightaltmevi, otherwise i would not; but i didn't.


when i was a child, i thought it was a big art center and was disappointed when i heard it was a hospital.


feridun düzağaç's new masterpiece, who ruined it with the words "i even asked the birds about you, my place is my homeland, if you want to write one day, the address is the saggy sanatorium, i've had enough of you here".