sanam teri kasam

sanam teri kasam

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everything said about this movie is bullshit. disgraceful acting, a disastrous scenario, a careless director, lousy music. you can only shed tears for this movie, saying that it can't be made that bad, friend. i can't say it's the worst movie i've ever seen in my life, but it would easily be in the top ten. he has already bought a golden raspberry from me. oh, stay away.


because i admire the love of the male character, i watch it once in a while and regret that it can't be real. it was amazing that he really reflected that feeling in the movie. it's not a movie that adds something to people, but i watched it with love and i'm watching it.


a good script, unfortunately, it was handled badly, making the movie unwatchable. the connection between the events could not be established well, the plot remained unconvincing and artificial. if you love love and indian movies, if you don't notice the scenes contrary to the usual flow of life, it's a movie you might like. i personally liked the song of the movie the most. 4/10


the script is great, the quality of acting was great, acting and stuff, but the problem is disconnection. the story proceeds at the same level as you know, it is easily predicted, there is no descent, there is no rise, you know, they are processed in a monotonous way. edit: what kind of idiot am i that i forgot the paternal police, uncle policeman is the number ten man, he became the national cityman of the indians in my eyes, he became muniz ozkul i swear!