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athletic body category champion in the country bodybuilding championship. she is from cyprus, she is beautiful in cyprus, she is a champion in american football, she is a soloist in a music group called ayfilon, she takes part in the the basketball national team (my teammate), in short, it is an example of ambition and effort. picture


he is such a human being:…16380732166144/fis3v4ox.jpeg and has this kind of ability. video site/watch?v=6l8x0yvdf8q also as far as i can see from a few videos i've followed on his video site channel, he is an extremely humble man, i hope he will be more successful and reach the higher positions he deserves.


'where your dreams end, my reality begins...' breh breh breh... one feels ashamed when using such a sentence. who is sami hamidi? he is a smug narcissist egoist... my humble advice to you is don't waste your success for these cheap popularist discourses, my dear. because after 3-5 years you will be forgotten and you will be one of the ordinary people who spend their day at the gym. that's all... well, is it worth being reminded one day as badly as this? is it really worth it?


the man who adorned the men's fitness cover as of the month.


the man who came 3rd in the 'arnold classic' competition held in barcelona on september 23-25, 2016. he is an incredibly humble character. despite all the negativities and difficulties, their success could not be interrupted. we hope that he will always continue his success in this way.


in his stories on instagram, he sometimes gets thrown at dms or comments, and he gets so angry with his cypriot accent that the man looks like he's officially sympathetic. - now argadas, some of you are claiming that i didn't press hard enough. i have a few words to say to these sane people! i've been printing for twelve years, okay? don't let the people make the mistake of questioning whether i printed it or not! apart from getting angry, he gets plus points in his videos where he speaks normally because of his accent.


(bkz: we are friends again last time)