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it is a drink accompanied by a ritual in italy. it consists of 3 stages, shut , suck , kiss ie shut do, check, op. first the drink in the glass is lit, you cover the glass with your hand and shake it, then you shut it, then you place a straw in the empty glass and draw it with a straw, at that moment you burn your throat like an arrow and then you operate the bartender with that burning. of course, whoever prepared the drink for you, you should operate it. why don't they do this in the country.


it is sweeter than the raki we know. italians love to serve it to their the guests, probably because they want to say "look, we have raki, you also have it".


the drink that, when i drink it, makes me imagine myself watching the sunset on a beach in the southernmost part of chile. from yozgat with love...


drink that can evoke a dragon feeling in the body. - you take some in your mouth and shake it (without swallowing of course) - you open your mouth looking up. - someone puts a lit match in his mouth without touching his tongue. - when you feel the warmth on your lips, you close your mouth and the event is over. i didn't see myself from the outside but i guess it created an effective dragon effect from the people screaming. [so much sugary drink and show is wrong for the fat young man who is used to raki and his conversation, that's a separate issue]


a type of alcohol that can easily compete with jagermeister for the world's most irresistible drinks.


don danbury's favorite drink.