salvation (tv series)

salvation (tv series)

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(bkz: the liberation and republic serials should be restored)


if i'm not crooked with today's money, it's a movie made with a budget of 4 million dollars. there are 100 line actors and 400 thousand extras in the movie. exploding bombs, planes, horses, etc. all true. i'm really curious how they did it. footnote: the series is too good. it may be the best the production ever.


here is the scene that gave me goosebumps... planning meeting before the big attack --- spoiler --- - those who made this decision will be under a great burden against history mustafa kemal: no one should be afraid, all responsibility towards history and the nation belongs to me. --- spoilers ---


what if you could convert these records to hd with one thousandth of the budget you allocated for your death, hey trt


it has surpassed the series in every way, which i think is the essence of whether the hd restoration is still done or not.