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the soloist that i sincerely want to be the 1st in the 2017 eurovision song contest. it was the only song that touched my heart. and i also learned that a device was attached to his body due to his illness. so he's wearing a loose shirt and a big jacket. now both the song and the story touch my heart badly. portugal is a country that can hardly reach the final, let alone the top 10. and if he doesn't make it to the final, i think i'm going to cry loudly.


a different, original man. i haven't listened to such different and beautiful music in a long time.


my eurovision 1st this year. but other than that, it is a voice that i am very happy and honored to discover. he took a throne in the hearts with his simplicity and sound. i hope he continues to produce and sing from now on... also doesn't he look ultra sympathetic on stage?


fantastic singer who will be the 1st winner of eurovision in kiev on the night of 13 may 2017


he is a sympathetic jazz musician who broke the hearts of young girls who dreamed of marrying french actress jenna thiam on 29 december 2018 (1 day after his birthday) and is expected to release a new album in 2019. we wish him happiness. *


unfortunately, his health problems have progressed. it is said that if the heart transplant does not take place, it will enter the stage of critical health within three months. his crying at his last concert last night was very touching. he will not perform until his health returns to normal. i hope he gets better soon. e: oh baby!


he is a musician whose expected heart transplant has taken place. we hope he gets better soon and continues to make albums like 'excuse me'.