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the aide of the great ataturk. the person who burned with the love of ataturk. he attempted suicide after ata's death. he tells the story like this: "when the doctors came out of the big man's room, who knows how my face turned into a terrible state that mim kemal bey* did not leave the operator. he was worried - he had to ask where are you going. - no, i said. i'm going. i$ my life is over now. bozok passed away in 1941 in yalova.


he wanted to die because of his great love for atatürk and because he was atatürk. "hitler's men", on the other hand, even killed themselves, their wives and their murderous children because they would face a fate worse than death when they were caught by the russians in the underground bunker where they were hiding because of the great fear they were in after their great defeat._x000d.


"we never dreamed that thessaloniki would go through our hands, we wouldn't even joke about it. one day we lost thessaloniki, we were amazed."


its full title is ba$yaver. we owe a lot of information about ataturk to the memories of mr. salih.


upon atatürk's death, "if my heart were a grain of wheat that fell between two millstones, it could only be crushed so much." he said, "i remember this sentence every november 10, i live his feelings one-to-one. he was a solid litigator.


from salih bozok, who said, "the commander-in-chief cannot go without an aide" and put a bullet in his heart without hesitation when atatürk dies, to ali yazıcı, who rats out every step of the man he is responsible for by working with the cliques trying to seize the state, to ali yazıcı... even this alone explains the degeneration in the state cadres. enough. he was completely devoted to his commander. have plenty of land.


according to what i read somewhere, days or even weeks before he committed suicide, during the days he marked where to put a lead in his heart with tincture. however, due to being overweight, he did not touch the heart of the bullet, and died three years later from an illness such as the flu