salicylic acid

salicylic acid

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salicylate intoxication symptoms: 1- air hunger 2- hypoglycemia 3- metabolic acidosis.


it is necessary for the healthy development of skin, nails and hair. it is used in the treatment of varicose and cellulite. horsetail (equisetum) is a plant containing salicylic acid.


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the substance that is added to cleansing products produced for acne-prone skin.ddf uses this a lot, for example.


chemical teacher sevket altuğ used in his experiment in the movie "hababam class wakes up"


the substance in the tonic that i bought with fear despite the doctor's recommendation. it has a wonderful effect against acne. i am using the obagi pore therapy tonic and the pores have decreased in my acne scars. i recommend those who have acne vulgaris problem to use it in consultation with their doctor.


the substance that acetylsalicylic acid freezes in the body. it is obtained from the bark of cold tree branches. it is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic..


acidic substance found abundantly in lamb's ear and used in the manufacture of aspirin.