sal ammoniac

sal ammoniac

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in some regions of anatolia, yeast is good when you pour some starch in a basin full of warm water and sit in it.


you will remember the old plumbers; before soldering copper cauldrons with a torch or a kind of soldering iron, which they heated on a small tube, there was a soap-like white mass that they rubbed and cleaned. that mass is the target.


scalpel+each other=it is a target.(see: running away as if your ass has been touched)


when i saw my mother, who had a fever from tonsillitis yesterday and couldn't raise her head, when she came home with an injection this morning and was energetic enough to start cleaning the house in the early morning, my father asked: "did they rub it against your mother?" it's the word that entered my vocabulary when he asked.. i'll use it now :))


is ammonium chloride.


(see: riding ass)


dry battery users often say "aaa... the battery has leaked!" chemical substance subject to the predicate of the sentence.


one day, when the hodja was going to cut wood, the donkey did not walk towards the mountain. someone said, "take some alight from here, rub it on your ass, see how it walks." said. when the teacher experienced it, the animal started running with pain. hodja felt a weakness in himself during his life, so he also used some amount of that medicine. he reached the house before the donkey and started walking around, unable to stop even there. his wife said, "sir, what have you become?" we said, "wife, if you want to catch up with me, you should use some starch." he said.

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