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there are still idiots who curse the fetö and beautify this man. the person called said nursi is what fetö is today. addition: someone sent a private message saying "i wouldn't expect such an entry from a person with a nickname called nizamülmülk". there is no obligation to have a connection between the nickname and the entry, but it is not so absurd since the nizamülmülk was a person who was killed while fighting against the hashashis, their ancestors*


crown of the political islamist fascists. edit: the guy's fans rained down messages. don't send a message or something, it was very nice.


they say, "the country's heralded by bediuzzaman". what does it herald? is this man a god or a prophet? don't be a circus run ?


an unknown person whose eyes are like himself that haunts the country ! fetö is the dark blue of it. have a lot of fire.