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it is not a negative or positive phenomenon. is notr. is the weight of existence.


“... the days turn into a notebook of sadness, every page of which turns dark with grief, and every morning you start by saying hello, sadness, hello loneliness, but life will not forgive you, remember... moreover, there is no diary, your sadness will never be kept, the tired succumb of adventures is an old woman with trembling hands, sadness or the patient is an acquaintance, but that's all, don't forget... “ **


maybe another name for loneliness, that is a feeling that people can feel intensely when they are not physically alone but spiritually... a feeling that always has excuses... like september, like the rain of april, like a song, like a poem , like a photograph, like a memory that intrudes into our brains... neither a bad nor a good feeling... in short, yes, i think it's a sour feeling, with the beautiful expression of olives... loved but unbearable...


another truth of the matter; sadness came when you left or it was always here, you left and it stayed. Özer bal - if i love, you are the excuse


"your sadness is the sadness of the child whose fishing rod is empty, my sadness is that of the fish that hit the other fish in the bucket.." -from old notebooks...-


even though i think good things, i feel like crying (see: oktay rıfat)