rumeysa can't deserve

rumeysa can't deserve

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i congratulate him, but unfortunately, this is not a first place as you understand. first among those whose mother tongue is the. and again, unfortunately, this cambridge program is not given to the university we know, but to private schools that have applied and obtained qualifications from the country. i wish you would do some research instead of swearing at "aq parasites", my beautiful brother. i still support it personally, good luck.


damn trolls brought us somersaults again. he passed the the exam taken by turks whose mother tongue is the. so what?


we have to say well done to our daughter's success. it is not easy to be first in any exam. however, the success of the trolls who present the first place in this exam as if they have received a nobel should not be overlooked. i have to say mashallah to him too.


if she wore a headscarf, she wouldn't have drawn attention. last month, my mother wore a headscarf, for example, she could not attract the attention of anyone other than the neighbors. my mother said, "the teacher read it very well, the pastry was very good. everyone liked it." he tells. trolls insist on not understanding something. it's not about making a mawlid. such extravagance while the people are starving to suicide at home. you know who writes history books, the last periods of the ottoman empire... anyway, god will give you according to your heart, i hope.


the man has come; "if she had a mawlid, she would have drawn attention just because she was wearing a headscarf." vs vs. said. my dear friend, all the media is already in your hands. why didn't they do it? because it's not a big deal. t24 made the news last year but did it get fucked here? no. i'm a victim again, you've made me a victim. swh


the winners of the exams organized by Ösym for years did not surprise me because they were more than the country.


let's get ready right away then: (see: welcome party to rümoş from cambridge)


i was excited for a moment, i thought i had won the world's first exam in the igcse english exam. because it is a very difficult exam, but he came first in the world in the the exam. of course, this is also a great success. congratulations.

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