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--- spoiler --- not envy, but lust has a fry, this dude is legendary. --- spoiler --- there is also something between them and riza hawkeye, but it was never finalized.


he is incredibly charismatic.


the charismatic alchemist whose poster i wanted to hang on the walls of my room after watching both of the fullmetal series. my adolescence passed, school ended, i got a job, got married, and all this time there was no actor or singer whose picture i would hang on my wall. what's wrong with me mustang! (look how long it's been since you watched something still happen, tovbe tovbe)


we can call it a natural born leader. he doesn't seem to be involved in much, but he is a thinking/planning man. even though edward goes through with elric, he sees him as his brother and protects elric brothers in all circumstances. he deeply regrets what he did and what he did in the ishbal war. this is where the goal of becoming the head of the army comes from. thus, he thinks that he can prevent such atrocities. actually the reason he came to rizenbool in the first episode of the series is winry rockbell, not the elric brothers.


he is one of my favorite anime characters. intelligent and handsome character of fullmetal alchemist. - spoiler --- spoilers ---


29 years old flame alchemist who complains about staying at home because he doesn't show his age.


he is a full metal alchemist character. also known as "fire alchemist". thanks to the special gloves he wears, he can do many alchemy involving fire. although he is currently in the rank of colonel (colonel in the series) in the army, his eyes are on the general (fuhrer in the series). one of his closest friends is mars hughes. even though he is constantly promoted, he is constantly assigned to vague places.