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the only medicine that is good for my chronic otitis media. god bless the person who did it.


an antibiotic from the cipro group, before use; (see #46122941)


the drug that i used for the animal wound on my leg, i half the second box and did not see any significant side effects. the only side effect it has on me is that it reminds me of sting. rooxiiin, yu dont hevtu pudondi reedlayt


worst antibiotic i've ever taken. it didn't do anything, it also caused regular nosebleeds every day....


for the treatment of urinary tract infection, the doctor gave me to take 750 mg twice a day, but since the day i started using it, it showed me side effects such as lowering and increasing my blood pressure, dizziness, deterioration of body balance, it made me unable to stand, i never thought of using it again. antibiotic


cipro/ ciproxin equivalent drug containing ciprofloxacin.


the drug recommended by the doctor twice a day for testicular pain complaints. it's been 4 days, i haven't felt any decrease in pain and i haven't encountered any of the side effects mentioned


drug that is really affected by the effects written in the side effects section. nausea, pain in the stomach, rib cage, joints, dry skin, restlessness, unhappiness, insomnia, these are just the ones i see. it reduces symptoms within 2 hours after you take it alone. it is super in that respect.