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rotring 600

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it fell to the ground and the tip was bent and it broke. this was my 3rd rotring pen. i went and bought a faber castell grip 1345 for 10 liras, but i didn't know its value. there is not much difference between 500 and 600, 800's head gets into it and the thought does not bend.


legendary rotring pen.

a very reliable pencil

also love using this pen. it's just a little heavy, you can get tired. if you drop and break the tip, contact rotring the country. i did that and thank you from here they sent a new one.


unfortunately, i broke it within the first month of buying it. i have never seen another pen with such a sensitive tip. especially if you are a person who is a pencil spinner like me, definitely do not buy this pen, you can have a small heart attack with the crooked pencil view on the floor when you drop it. but he is a very charismatic, nice pen, he will miss himself, dishonest.


it is a rotring 500 model pen made of über plastic material, which is very high quality for half the price and does not notice the metal quality. personally, the 500 series received much better weight and writing feel. don't give that money for nothing, let me tell you the legend of this series will be 500.


i have 2 in total, 1 of which is an old german production. i think we wouldn't be exaggerating if we said it was a pen like a stone. the red and blue colors of the versatil model will be released soon.


the legend that i started using as a result of my brother breaking the tip gives me pleasure when i write. i would love it if anyone who knows about the repair of the tip can green it.