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the environment where people say "there are beautiful wives and girls, brother" and go, if they can't find what they hoped for, it goes straight to the environment.


young, smart, beautiful, etc etc. many people come together to be useful to the society, to serve the public, to educate etc. etc. in fact, excuse me, the club thing they masturbate to is the rotary puppy. if you really want to contribute to the society in a sincere way, there are many ngo around, there is no need for rituals such as "my president", "my treasurer", and activities such as "my president", "my treasurer", and activities that you can go to and attend.


the lower rotary organization where everyone calls each other "my president" and "dear" at the meetings, those who take the floor in their meetings do not talk for 3-4 hours except for money collection and food organizations, which i consider unnecessary and i stopped going to their meetings. in a way, it's a pre-rotary club. stay away if you don't get a scholarship.


a perfect fart effect (see: katotopark)


the group that i thought of attending its first event on thursday, and that i met thanks to my boyfriend. i don't know what they're doing, i don't care. i'm going to check if my darling cuts a girl.