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after dramas like double trouble and my magic mom, she is now playing in the tulip era.


i was a babysitter for her son for 2 months when i was in my senior year of high school. he's not a bad person. he has a family artistic talent.


the actress who made a mark in my mind with the role of the woman next door safiye played in the tv series iki bahar


the actress who was slapped by kenan bal, her co-star in the tulip era tv series. "onat, who told honey that the set was ready, received an unexpected answer from his co-star. honey, who allegedly called onat a 'vulgar woman', threatened to beat onat and cursed him. honey then slapped onat."…inda_buyuk_kavga-1132504


i like actors with their own style. gül onat is such an actress. i can't think of any other actor for the roles he did. i think he is one of the best players in the country.


the animals are incredibly much you our actress!


she is an actress that i love and find as a "sweet aunt". she was sweet to the character of sister perihan in my magic mother. this woman and the character of sister perihan is a very sweet character that i love.