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root beer

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it is a strange thing that we call teenagers in america, consumed like maniacs by skittish young men who are not very fat, that tastes disgusting, and that gives me disgust even when i smell it. - can i get a cup o'root beer pleaseee -in my off day come and fuck you itogluit.


mouthwash you know.


let me tell you very clearly that the one belonging to hansen s company smells like bengay.


every time i drink it, i will drink gas, which makes it feel like someone has squeezed 2 fingers bengay into the cola bottle just to make a pic, but i can't give up, although there is a beer, which has nothing to do with it.


the drink, which i think is produced by combining ointments that are applied to the feet, with water and gas. it can be included in disgusting american drinks with peace of mind.


while i never believed that there is such a thing as taste and that it changes from culture to culture, i believed it with this drink at the time. how a beverage containing beer can be so tasteless is still not understood. we asked 1000 turks who drank the drink. he said he didn't like 1000 either. dr pepper comes with this drink as the best drink in the world.


i consider myself open to new tastes. if i don't like the taste of a food or beverage the first time, i don't cut it out and try it a few more times. i tried that too many times, i said "there are so many people know". but the result did not change. it's something like a dick. it literally makes you feel like you are drinking medicated carbonated water, it's like they poured tincture of diode and vicks on soda and said to drink it.


it is the gas of the listerine you know. go rinse your mouth with your listrin, then put some mineral water in your mouth without spitting, swallow it, and take root beer. in america, mug root beer is one of the best known.