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root android phone

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after the necessary preliminary research, i don't see any harm in rooting, guys, because i don't know how many times my brother took the phone while rooting, i also need to say that because there is no ios operating system, at the end of 1 year, the hangs and freezes start and this makes people nervous. in my opinion, rooting is required.


the method that every android user who cannot get efficiency from the device they use should apply. however, a good preliminary research should be done beforehand. root doesn't work for some devices.


the rooting method varies for each phone, but it's a damn thing. for some models, it can be done with a few clicks, while for others it is just as difficult. when you make a wrong move, you get the motherboard and the phone is out of warranty. it must be well understood and done very carefully before doing it.


when trying to login to the mobile applications of the banks afterwards, "this phone is not safe because it is rooted." the action that causes a warning. i put it on my note 2 at the time. thanks to this, the efficiency i get while using the device has also increased. but "is it necessary?" if you say, i don't think it's necessary at all.


risky action. if you make any mistake while rooting or after doing it, you will brick the phone (turning off to never be turned on again). recovering a bricked phone is costly. also, if the phone has a warranty, it will be out of warranty. so those who don't know better stay away.


if you have an android phone, if it has slowed down, if the warranty is over, the action is to be performed so that the phone flows like oil and makes you feel like you are using a ferrari. even though i don't know much, i succeeded. friends with better knowledge can help those who do not know.


it's a very easy process, thanks to a resource like xda-developers. it's enough to take some time and research.