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i thought the kid was a girl the whole movie. i even wrote it out of my head just because old nick raised him like a boy so his mother wouldn't rape the child. i also waited until the end of the movie when it would be revealed that the boy was not a boy. the boy finally turned out to be a boy. well, the ending was the most surprising movie for me .


it's a heavily drama-laden film where everyone parrots "the first half was like this, the second half was like that". if you watch such movies once, you'll be blown away. can't bear to watch it for the second time. ultimately very successful. also --- spoiler --- in one scene after surviving, we see a poster of leonardo dicaprio on the wall behind him for a few seconds while the mother is lying on the bed in her teenage room. thus, seeing the best female and best male actors of this year in the same frame before the oscars have been awarded will make you smile. --- spoilers ---


the movie i just watched and it hurts my heart --- spoiler --- i can't forget the scene where your mom plays the 'aliens voices' game to jack to empty her insides, and they scream out loud. --- spoilers ---


--- spoiler --- ma blames her mother for having a nervous breakdown after all that. saying, "you were in a good mood while i was gone". --- spoiler --- it was a movie that made us see two desperate mothers. it's worth a horror movie for me b


to prepare for her role in this movie, brie larson locked herself in a room for a month and was fed a limited variety of the same food.


"we decided with my mom, we try everything because we don't know what we like."


the movie that won brie larson a golden globe. next to him, jacob tremblay, who played as much as brie larson, officially took each other upstairs. --- spoiler --- the movie contains such psychological warfare, there are so many striking scenes. the child is actually a girl, and his mother hides it by saying that he is a boy, what did i think of that he would sexually abuse her when she saw it, abv. i held my breath during the truck scene. i was nervous that the whole movie guy was going to come out again. how is this movie of what i'm bored. --- spoilers ---