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after 2009, the great master, whom i watched the netflix documentary recently and then e-mailed him again. and again, as in 2009, he replied to me with great grace, within 2 days. this industry has never seen such a humble, special, gracious man and never will again. another ronnie will never come again guys...


the person teenagers who want to start bodybuilding never want to be. what is he like an animal?


eight years in a row mr. olympia.


he has a muscular belly thanks to the internal organs that grow due to the gh he uses. it is the previous stage of gene doping. 10 years from now, we will see a weak person coleman.


some images of our brother, who is currently 46 years old, have been published recently. he had lost quite a bit of volume from his legs. so i don't think he'll be back on the podium. he goes on with his life as a man a little bigger than you and me.