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rodent in a row

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soloist of the band son feci bicycle. the man who stole the song "astronomy in bikini", the most hit song of this group, dust in the wind, came and cursed at his own audience, am i surprised? no, because the thief guy does all the shit. kansas- video site/watch?v=th2w6oxx0kq last bad bike- video site/watch?v=4qo0rbam4zy


a bad-mouthed adolescent iris who curses like a high school student. "i'm going to hurt him if i find him", after shouting "sorry" and showing that he can change gears very quickly, the rotten anarchist. hey my baby man strikes without the genie, when he sees 2-3 thousand followers, he thinks he's shit, and he attacks right and left, etc. this friend of yours is fully present.


in his own words, the last bad bike or something. and he was whispering to squirrels, but he didn't know why he was whispering. (bkz: boss let me kill with my fist)


excuse me sir, but let the wheel of that bike get into your ass....


now, if the person whom this friend curses goes to a lawyer and sues with the screenshot and video in his hand, would the insult case say "yea i didn't write it", my cousin wrote it?


(see: last terrible reverse gear)


in the simplest way, the point you will get on behalf of humanity will be the best breaking point of your career if you say, "it's a misfortune, my brother is unfortunate, contact me, i'd like to pay you back myself". ie kemirgent.


the musician who has to hang a banner with the words "the goods sold cannot be taken back. -directorate" behind the stage at the next concert. or small business. there is a stick under his desk in the office for sure.