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look at the staff, my baby. if the band, including rock fm, was sold for a million dollars, it is thanks to these guys, and without these guys, this radio is garbage. they made us have a really good time, they became a part of our lives. men like flowers. it will be hard to see such a team together again.


i don't think the rock fm programmers we know can agree with the new owner of the radio as a mentality. however, it doesn't matter what radio or platform they are on as long as these guys are broadcasting and talking. for this reason, although i do not see the future of rock fm well, i think that its current programs will definitely continue somewhere. i'm telling you by including television, guitarist program, back seat, rabarba, +5 -5 etc.. all of them are rare programs we can listen to in this country.


last time i clicked on the twitter address of the person who was said to have bought the radio. i suddenly found myself at the last stop of bağcılar. get well soon to all of us, now let me delete it from the car's registered channel list.


i've been listening consistently for almost a year. exactly because one of the djs of the evening, when the first episode of the magnificent century was broadcast, said, "we are not playing the system of a down", and moreover, he explained this not because "we are afraid of the audience reaction", but with a completely smashing justification such as "politics and vidi vidi, our country is a set of games". i've removed from favourites. i also experienced a relief as if i got rid of constipation. good luck to your fans.


the probability that the man performing the worship service might enjoy rock music is quite low. the radio operated by this man is only a show. i think the 94.5 legend ends here. how much money does a radio really cost?


mefta radio channel, which we understand that the time en'am is being read when we listen to it from shazam on its frequency as of now.


it was removed from the radio channels in the car, it was anfaro on twitter. kent fm has now replaced it. (bkz: let them think now)


his funeral was a legend left unclaimed in the morgue, finally someone took care of it. they were going to bury the mafia and recite mourning on it, and as you think of it, you would read an elham with three tins. (bkz: rock is dead)