roaming chicken egg

roaming chicken egg

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last sunday, our egg maker brother, i think as proof, put something like a small ipad on the counter and was showing his chickens walking around the garden. after a little surprise, i appreciated his innovative thinking and left the market with the eggs i bought from elsewhere. that was my moment.


thanks to a friend, he brought 8-10 of them last night. brother, he also grumbled that they are eating worms, insects or something. anyway, we buried them for breakfast. i said die, you bring it like that every week. the answer is: "brother chicken gotu certain"


as the chickens roam, they greedily eat the remains of food in the garden, worms, insects, and all the leftovers in the house. even if their relationship with the roosters is short, something happens. they dig and place their bodies in tiny pits they create in the soil. they rest in a happy and relaxed way after wandering, dusting and filling their stomachs. living in such a stress-free environment also reflects on your eggs. there are fewer eggs, but it is delicious and densely thick.


only beta carotene has higher nutritional value. in a study, other values are the same as caged chicken eggs…_caged_chicken_eggs-82015


in istanbul, wandering chicken eggs are called wandering eggs, after dipping them into a little dust and then displaying them in a basket with straw at the bottom and selling them for double the price. in the district where we lived in my childhood, everyone's house had a garden, except for 2-3 apartments. it was common to keep chickens and even cows in the late 70s. the eggs of the neighbor's cheeky chickens would be nice too. these cheeky people used to plunder the neighboring gardens in droves all day long, and return to their coops in the evening. that was the chicken that was walking around, now it's always a lie.


i think something like this is going on.