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it has not been seen that he has entered the ntvspor building for the last 28 years. constantly in the field, field work, away itself. he committed a great sin in the center.


after a bad defeat in the european basketball championship, bogdan tanyevice asked a question if he did not consider resigning, and this person was almost scolded by tanyevic, saying that you are the youngest journalist here.


if those who give to 12 giant men are young, they will also give to irmak. that boy tried so hard. is a river redundant? i think he deserved it. that's it, your advocacy...


hidayet: huleayanaayann lölölölölö huuuu yehuuuuuu (jumping up) river: hidayet come come calm. hidayet: man, what a resident! shh, i'm going to say it.. this team deserves all kinds of financial and moral support.. the whole team and compelled to the river: ooo turkiyeeeee (jump and jump)


while doing an interview with kerem tunceri, he tries to tell someone something behind the camera by making an eyebrow. on top of that, kerem: -are you listening to me, i think it's a pretty funny image. for those wondering; video site/watch?v=dd8ynl8wif0 note: there is a reportage by kerim as of 2.15, but the whole video is very entertaining


the reporter holding shoulder to shoulder with the players of the national basketball team during the interview after the 8 september 2010 the country-slovenia game. though he was standing there like a bridegroom who was forcibly detained at the aunt, but oh well. it was still a cute snapshot.


this man is as tall as a pile. kerem is short next to tunceri or something. or standing on the platform during the interview.