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rise of empires ottoman

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it is a documentary mini-series that started fluently, there is nothing that stands out except in english for now. i wish the the voiceovers were done by the actors themselves. --- spoiler --- episode 1 at 14:52. the mini-series that tells about rumelihisarı in the first minute, mentions that “this castle also has an ominous nickname -throat cutter (boğazkesen)-”. for god's sake, didn't even the director of the the series say that one person said that it is the throat, it is not the throat. --- spoilers ---


it was clear from the first episode that the ottoman will buy istanbul.


if they had made celal Şengör a fat bourgeois who escaped from istanbul, he would not have tasted it.


send the strays.


you know netflix adaptations, i hope they don't put a black fatih sultan mehmet. description: the series of the greatest ottoman sultan, already intriguing.