right does not give up

right does not give up

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from all other commentators with the method of interpretation based on ancient lexicon and essence; Qur'anic man, who differed from today's "religionists" and "religionists" by not asking for any reward, and from each of them by introducing "pure religion". (see: rasihun)


i believe that he is a true and honest Quran researcher. i also benefit a lot from him. god bless you. we really need people like this.


the researcher drew attention to the absurdity of circumcision by saying, "what the eyelid is to the human eye, the part that is cut off by circumcision is for the male genitalia." i wish it could reach more people to understand islam in the light of reason and science.


in a reformist mind like caner taslaman, yasar nuri ozturk and ihsan eliacik, he is one of the beautiful teachers who tell about islam and even true islam in my opinion. after the counter-coup processes in the understanding of islam of this century, although not in the near future; such men will take the instrument in their hands, this is how the transformation and reform will begin, because there is no other choice.


a person who is also known in azerbaijan, and whose translation is wanted to be translated into azerbaijani the. that's why i've heard of them!


brave man whose best thing that could be done for him, i guess, is to beg him "patience" and "peace". he and also how heavy the burden of the evidence he bears can be, ignoring those who "would not believe even if he saw all kinds of evidence" and "buy empty words without relying on an open book"; other people who say "if language goes, religion goes" know. the necessity of pure concepts and words for pure religion; i guess it caused him to be exposed to many unfair criticisms by those who are out of his mind and comfort.


he is a person whom i know as a valuable person, thanks to the program called Quran and islam, which started around 19 o'clock thanks to black sea tv. a person who teaches the Qur'an, that is, in today's terms, a person who explains the Qur'an with the Qur'an without resorting to any sources other than the Qur'an. (see tebyin) isekuran.net

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