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do those who do not understand the subject know what the riddick series is? there is no deep subject, yes, it continues from where the second movie left off. in the middle of the movie, a connection is made with pitch black, which is very nice. and ultimately leaves the door open for the 4th movie. i mean, i'm willing to watch boyle riddick movies rather than sit and watch boring science fiction like elysium. it is an expensive science fiction movie.


when he enters an environment, we are a charismatic brother who makes it a reflex to neutralize potential threats and calculate escape routes first. even when you think you've got him, his escape plan, with his alternatives, is already ready, sir.


richard b. character played by vin diesel in riddick pitch black, as well as pitch black spin off u scheduled to begin filming in april 2003


it's a movie that almost screwed up the series that accelerated with the 2nd movie, there are a lot of goods, let's count which one, for example, you are a big lord marshall, why do you buy the property of my goddamn thing so low? it went through the general who didn't lift it.. as i said, it was a movie based on complete property.. although what we had expectations, i thought again, man, you are the lord marshall of the huge necromancers.. i'm pissed off, i won't write any more *


a character that bears a lot of resemblance to conan the barbarian. he is wild, he is the last of his kind, other members of his kind have been destroyed, an animal lives in him, he has an illegal past, he became a king, he does not believe in supernatural things, even if something supernatural comes his way, he throws match water at the root of his fucker regiment. he's a solid anti-hero after all. i'm sick.