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rammstein's most charismatic member, his heavy brother. it doesn't jump or jump like flake or till lindemann, it doesn't get into attractions. for a self-made esp guitar;


he hung out with till lindemann's ex-wife for a while, got our aunt pregnant, like till he is also an ossi rammstein member german. our daughter, who was born from this relationship, strangely bears the surname lindemann. the brothers are hanging out with each other's exs, you don't have them kissing her in the pussy, you say how shameful it is, their case is different. edit: for another detail on chapar's reminder (see #7238277)


he was appointed to niğde in 1945. (in the middle of the bottom row) (see: policemen posing in niğde in 1945)


he also used his wife's surname, bernstein.


very shameful man. you have reached a certain age, why don't you age like your peers and turn into a different and nicer creature with each passing year. he also pleased himself with the new album news about emigrate. thank you for helping me overcome my aging phobia. *


she's probably the most female-loving member of rammstein, whom i could go into fangirl mode and talk about for hours. she lost the weight she gained with her tour in liebe ist für alle in made in germany, and she became like a cartwheel again. he also said that he feels like he's disappearing when he doesn't do anything new, that's why he founded emigrate, handsome guy who will release a new emigrate album towards the end of this year and go on a little tour.


show me an apache, he will be handsome, he will have a signature guitar for himself, the charisma will flow from the legs. that apache is our brother. now, when we say apache to our brother, there will definitely be people angry, but look at these photos: http://tinyurl .com/4lv85nx if the man could dance, the apaches would come to faith and proclaim him a prophet.


in addition, lead guitarist., who doubled his charisma by five, with his white lens at the live aus berlin concert, while catching a frightening appearance.