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robert t. kiyosaki's work. the book, which was originally named rich dad poor dad, was released in 2005 by alpha press publishing and distribution under the name rich dad poor dad. the rich do not work for money, the history of taxation and the power of companies, the rich find money, work to learn, not work for money. --- spoiler --- you should know little about a lot --- spoiler ---


it doesn't increase from work, it increases from tooth.


it is a personal finance development book that i read in one breath and that i would definitely recommend to read, although i disagree with some parts of it. read it without being fooled by the poor quality of the cover.


a book that i read recently, written by robert toru kiyosaki, and deals with the importance of financial literacy. after reading the book, i recommended it to a few people around me to read it, but no one read it. one of those books that will never become a bestseller in a country where even the importance of ordinary literacy is not fully known.


(bkz: mothers' great kitchen request/@consolation)


(bkz: rich dad, poor dad)