rhino horn

rhino horn

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it contains a very high amount of keratin. it is the raw material of keratin products used by vegetarians who cannot get enough protein to prevent their hair from falling out. those who do not eat meat and think about saving cows will unfortunately cause the destruction of this beautiful animal* only for the beauty of their hair..


buyers need some patience. of course, 4 kilos will soon come to the price of 100 liras. http://i.imgur.com/o7ueya1.jpg


present in many rhinoceros lineages are head protrusions that basically function as a defensive mechanism. the horn of rhinoceros is not fossilized, as it consists of a compact matted keratinous structure. therefore, no fossil remains are ever found. it is also in question for hunting rhinos for their horns, for making handles of tools such as daggers, apart from the supposed aphrodisiac effect. no, you will put that horn in a suitable place, if they say its aphrodisiac effect is there, they will do it too, i have no doubt.


often come across these while browsing the channels on the satellite. the guys don't even have cameras, and they made a breakthrough in this regard, they put pictures on the screen and make a phone connection. someone is shouting and saying "my guardian". there is a server asking questions, but it doesn't show up. they sell "original rhino horn". the sentence that the man speaking on the phone alone said is very interesting: "if this rhino horn is not something useful, would we put it in it", and the rük who did not do anything to these thieves is also a partner in this theft.