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babayiğit fell in love with lyanna stark, who was engaged, and dragged 7 kingdoms to war for him. it is my favourite. but he was killed by the keranci robert, who was injured by the pig while drunk.


according to the book, he is jon snow's father. let's not go crazy.


the character to be played by alexander skarsgard. it will be great, it will happen. i have no other words. http://images6.fanpop.com/…4_1378483072476_full.jpg


although he is married, he is a character who covets his cousin's fiancee...


none other than benedict cumberbatch can revive.


either this or ageon comes to the drama, if alexander skarsgard plays, people want to have a lot of pantyless scenes, but unfortunately i am not the producer.


reap this man's miracle here: he made cersei lannister say, "jaime was always my lion, but next to rhaegar, he was like a country boy" even years later.


i fell in love without seeing or even knowing too much about it edit: if we see it in the drama, i would like a no name actor to play. because known blonde actors are identified with certain characters. for example harry lloyd could have gone to rhaegar if he hadn't played that loser viserys. because normally he is a very charismatic person. edit 2: no friend, they do not show stubbornly. we saw lyanna but still no rhaegar. as if the chick did it alone jonu

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