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resurrection ertugrul

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is the array. it's not a history documentary. what is it? engin altan's haircut is very neat, how could it be like that? fuck your troubles.


it has a non-professional team that throws an award on the ground that the public votes for, takes a photo of it side by side with their shoes, and displays it on social media.


after ibn arabi's saying "i came from hayy, i go to hu" last week, he was not surprised while i was waiting for a meaningful message this week and he took me by saying "it will protect people from death"


ertuğrul is on his way to aleppo, in which he emphasizes that halime wants him to return safely, with the sentence "let no stone touch your feet". "what is civilization?" you should not look for the answer to your question in undergraduate and doctoral dissertations with abundant bibliography, my dear. civilization, civilization, kindness, naivety sometimes fit in a sentence. let's say hello to those who contributed here, "don't let a stone touch your feet"


it is a good series after a series like the magnificent century. indeed, ad-free broadcasts for more than 2 hours are enough to give 10 points. it was a first episode in a cinematic style. i hope it continues.