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concept that cannot be separated from freedom.


it is the state of accepting the consequences of the action that the individual has exhibited, that he will win and lose in the case of the choice he will make. because every choice is a renunciation. a new life starts with each choice, while the lives that do not start in the other option die. -it is a weight that the line between life and death imposes on people and its price cannot be weighed.


it is not given. then it is said, "you are responsible for this". what take.


something heavier than one's own weight, heavier than the heaviest thing imaginable.


"the rope says to the end of the rope: don't miss the end of the rope... we are responsible for the kite. the kite says to its tail, don't wag your tail into the air. we are responsible for the children."***


in the last chapter of existence and psychiatry, i quoted engin geçtan's quote from john page!*: "responsibility is our responsibility to ourselves. the greatest form of irresponsibility towards oneself is to accept responsibilities for other people and events as they come forward and indifferently.''

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