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ps store has also fallen to 75 liras. considering that it gives 40-50 fps on ps4 slim, if it takes 6 hours, 75 liras is fine, i think. but 250 liras, no way, maybe even the dlc of resident evil 7 may take longer than this game. why did you make it short capcom!!!? edit: there are friends who send a message saying it's 85 lira and not worth it. it took 5 hours, lingering at most. if i spend 5 hours playing games for 85 liras, i think it's reasonable


there's ammo everywhere. you can kill all the creatures that come your way as you wish, you will still have a pile of ammo in your pocket when the game is over. even in hardcore mode like this.


darisi to the first two plays of silent hill. description: the return of a legendary game.


my little game is coming! oh my heart... on april 4, 2020 as well. it will taste like resident evil 2 remake. as old school fans, we cried for 2 and 3 remakes for years! we were writing to capcom from facebook comments for a while. finally!


finally, a long-running gameplay video has been published. especially nemesis looks like it's going to be incredible trouble. - it can come out from anywhere at any time - they gave the "get over here" move of scorpion in mortal kombat. it's pulling you. - if you want to run and run away, it will pass in front of you - flamethrower... they added features that will bother especially those who will do speedruns. in the meantime, information came from official accounts that a demo will be released very soon. we look forward to it.


watched the trailer at the end of the demo. oh there is marvin. we will probably be able to see details such as the moment of being bitten. (just like we saw in the outbreak series years ago) i'm waiting for a nice connection with the resident evil 2 remake. as you already know, there was a situation like this in the original 2-3: the first half of the 3rd game takes place before the scenario of the 2nd game. the other half takes place after the scenario of the 2nd game. scenario chronology as i wrote below. september 28, 1998 = resident evil september 3, 29-30, 1998 = resident evil 2 october 1-2, 1998 = resident evil 3

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