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when we use it, we only have to pray as in the figure.


it is divided into two as legal reserves and optional reserves. "legal reserves are the accounts in which the reserves that are separated from the annual profit are allocated in accordance with the articles of the the commercial code. the discretionary reserves are the reserves set aside by the decision of the general assembly after the legal reserves are set aside over the profit after the annual tax." source: (see:


there is also an extraordinary one: (see: extraordinary reserve)


it is the budget accumulated over the years for the dark days of millions of citizens and siphoned off by the justice and development party. i would like to watch the cases of those who use this money for other than their purpose on live broadcast. for every young person who is unemployed in every shop that closes today, for every family that goes hungry, those who use this money for party benefits are responsible.


it is the right of an unfinished orphan who was killed by akp before 128 billion dollars.


our shroud money we used before the local elections in march last year..


it is also called reserve fund in english.


in the words of the great author, the greatest the commercial lawyer of all time, the late halil arslanlı: “allocating openly or secretly by being withheld from profits in order to cover losses in the future, to cover expected or unexpected losses and expenses, to ensure the maintenance and development of the business, and stable dividend distribution. are assets.”