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i don't know whether to start praising the characters who are about to die out of sympathy or the stories that touch the heart of the people. i couldn't wait to watch it so that it wouldn't end. that our next drama will be reply1980. i hope it will be a series like 88 except the finale.


warm, sincere... and very natural.


in addition to being a very high quality production, it is a k-drama that has a special place in my heart because it brought me an erkin koray, a fikret kizilok, a sanulrim group of korea. for some reason, the song "youth", whose cover is used in the series, reminds me of "but daddy" by fikret kızılok. youth


isn't the song that mi-ran ra participated in the contest similar to the song of barış manço-kara devda? were my ears pierced? i couldn't find the song either. who knows, let me know. edit: of course it's not a black giant, it's a black love or it won't stop edit2: i found the song on video site too, the 3rd song that came out when yoon su il- ecstatic confession was written


cool series. i didn't want it to end while watching. each part is beautiful. sometimes i laughed, sometimes i cried. some feelings felt so familiar. i found many things from my own life. i was even surprised, i said how similar we were. i didn't even know that i missed family dinners, neighborhood culture, neighborly relations and real friendships. warm, sincere, sincere. here is such a series of reply 1988.