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''o, all those who believe! repent to allah in such a way that it is a pure (serious, effective, counselor) repentance, when your lord will forgive you for your sins and will put you in gardens with rivers flowing under them, on the day when allah will not disgrace his prophet and those who believe in his presence, and his light will run before them and provide them. , they will say: o rabbi! complete our light for us and help us with your forgiveness, surely you are omnipotent". verse of tahrim: 8


(see: zeybek vow)


repentance made from the heart in accordance with the conditions is called nasuh repentance. this repentant* becomes as sinless as a newborn baby.


(see: tawba-i nasuh)


starting from a parable in the masnavi of mevlana celaleddin rumi; didn't anyone say stop to this, friend, when nasuh left without cutting the sultan's daughter? didn't anyone say that it's just happened, why are you acting like this now? so it went. but of course, this is the parable... repentance in which the nasuh in repentance became nasuh in a parable of the mevlana.

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