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before going to this sleep, loosing my religion is rested 3 times, and then it is said, "i have intended, i have made an intention, to go to rem sleep". some kind of metaphor.


this is the period when the brain defragments and runs the "cross link generator". during this period, the brain collects and organizes some information, and tries to eliminate the unnecessary use of space that may occur in the future by linking the data to each other**. perceives it as a dream.


also called paradoxical sleep. because contrary to what it should be, in this period a person's brain waves are like when he is awake, so if you pull it out, it won't show whether he is asleep or awake.


the fifth and final phase of sleep.. it repeats several times a night.. dreams are seen during this time.. some say that while our body is resting for rem, our brain is playing games on its own out of boredom

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