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a drug written by a specialist neurologist that improves my quality of life. have mercy on your neurologist father who introduced me to this drug. a life saver when i want to put a gun to my head and shoot.


the biggest of the heroes that mess with migraine, the meaning of life. hey gigi hey look at the nobility.. how it strikes migraine;…ges/migraine/1934_01.gif….jpg?cb=1280982303 i have very deep feelings for him. headache, head throbbing, brain numbness, hey baby hey.. they're scared of my relpax comrade!


"relpax is to the migraine sufferer what stam is to milan." - benjamin franklin


may god be pleased with all the scientists who developed this drug, all the laboratory rats that perished in the experiments, all the warehouse owners, porters, drivers, pharmacists, journeymen and all the participants who were instrumental in its supply and distribution. relpax, the savior of the poor people suffering from migraine, some of the orphans, the cure for the afflicted, i believed in you, i took refuge in you. the prayers of helpless migraine sufferers will definitely put the hands that lead you to heaven. use, make use.


after drinking it, my head seems to shatter, the pain that makes you decide to drink it is not a slight pain, but when you drink it, the pain increases 2-3 times for a half hour. then it goes rattling but a stupor remains in the head. his stupor does not last for 2-3 hours either, a stupor that can turn off the alarm when the clock rings for 1-2 days in the morning and make you believe that the alarm never happened, that it is only 3 am, will not get you out of bed, and will make you walk around like a stunner during the day. it's nice to be able to pass the pain though.


drug released by pfizer for the treatment of migraine


migraine emi that relieves pain with jet speed but also makes people tipsy with jet speed