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i used to joke around a lot because my mother was obsessed with this, but less than a year later, i bowed down in appreciation when i saw that my mother started to heal the place by seriously burning it, in a way that makes burning hands like a magic user from the 3rd level.


(1st person female, 2nd person male) - let me reiki for you someday. - what is reiki? - never mind, it's too long, you're making fun of it now. - have a quick summary of the feast. - far east. - it was very fast, a little slower. - look, now you're undressing and lying down-- - okay, do it. (bkz: the most superficial man in the world)


it is a lie that people who do not understand physics try to explain with physics. if it can be explained by physics, then it is measurable. scientists can measure the energy, amount of matter, etc. in the universe with great precision. so here you go, dear shooters, measure your energy. then don't try to explain what you can't measure with the laws of physics you don't understand. by the way, before writing this entry, i brought my hand close to my forehead and held it for more than a minute. it wasn't shit, even the cat finally said "are you an idiot?" threw the look.