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there is also therapy, you are frozen back to your past lives and some of your problems may be clarified. maybe you don't have a past life.


with the birth of the second child in a family and the attention of the parents to the newborn, the behavior of the first child unconsciously begins to resemble that of the baby (eg, peeing under). this behavioral retardation seen in the first child is called regression.


for example, it helps to find the estimated age of a person who died in a fire by using the variation of external dimensions according to human age. of course, first we need to set fire to an apartment and get a good sample.


the reason why it is called least squares: the sum of these errors, that is, the real direct distances of the created line, equals 0. in order to measure the magnitude of these distances, a value is found by adding the squares of the errors. this value is called variance. regression, on the other hand, is a relationship research method that is used to find the sum of squares of the errors in a way that minimizes them. the least squares method is the main system used by regression to measure the strength of relationships. also (see: regression analysis)


the disease, the reduction of symptoms, the frightening of microbes, the first lights of the possible victory of self-vicud.


round of statistical analysis. it is used extensively, especially in the analysis of satisfaction studies. it is done to see how many different variables affect one different variable. for example, we wonder why souttimes is liked. informative, meeting people, learning different ideas, entertainment etc. with regression analysis, you can find out how effective variables such as:


a process designed to find a relationship between independent variables and dependent variables


method based on 'least squares approximation'. the solution formed by finding the smallest possible value by adding the squares of the lengths of the perpendiculars drawn to each point directly from any point passed between the points.