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regal raptor

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chinese, but a little better than its other compatriots. the engine block is solid, but since most of the parts are metal parts and the vibration is quite solid, it is an engine that makes excessive noise from all sides. small cc and large cc are all the same. these metal parts tremble and fall loose on the road. .oh my, stay away. let your wheel be flat


motorcycle of chinese origin, for which the british police use air-cooled models. they have more durable and nice looking products than many chinese made engines in the country.*


"i want a chopper/cruiser engine, but i don't have money to buy a harley davidson. but i don't have the money to buy japanese brands, but chinese goods are crap too... i don't know?" the brand that those who say should look first.


it is a beginner motorcycle that can impress all women who do not understand the brand and quality of the engine, and is far ahead of its counterparts in terms of both quality and price. it can be used both on long roads and in the city without any problems. they run. especially at a gas station, you are guaranteed to be the center of attention. therefore, it is useful to buy gasoline close to university campuses.


the engine that was released as the best made in china, huh, i know i used it. made in china made in china, but still a nice engine to start with, then you can switch to dragstar.


chinese in my blood. i don't know how much longer i can stand this price and image combination.

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