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trust these men as much as i trusted dumbledore while reading harry potter, and gandalf while watching the lord of the rings. *


i sent a message to the police chief numbers they announced, saying, "do not respect people who introduce themselves as prime minister or governor and ask you to inflict violence on the public."


i think that at least a medal should be awarded to those who look at documents photographed with their cell phone and say "this is not a hack".


as of now, they are publishing documents on twitter showing corruption in universities. the first one was about the irregularity in the purchase and sale of machinery at giresun university. other documents will come.…0i4zuk/view?pli=1 and sle=true


tweakers as well as hackers; "actually we didn't hack you, you see it as "psychological" ;)"


the transfer of the investigation against them to the special authorized prosecutor means that: listening to everyone who seems to be related to this mob, pretending to be one of them (for example, following on twitter, or even entering a sympathetic entry), listening to everyone (legal, unlawful), intelligence and eventually, arrest warrants may be issued and these people may be detained for years on grounds such as "establishing a terrorist organization", and they may be released in a rehabilitated state two years later as "sorry yeaa".


this is the conscience of society; that's why it always makes someone happy and someone uneasy.


"it is our request from those who remember the result of a football match that happened years ago, remember what is going on in this country, this is our request." "zeynep kuriş, who made the news that children were raped in pozantı, is being arrested for revealing the privacy of the state, are prisons the bedroom of the state?" edit: i wrote dicle news agency reporter zeynep kuriş as dicle kuriş in a ridiculous way.