red wine vs white wine

red wine vs white wine

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villa doluca neo in white wine and buzbağ in red are my favourites. of course, that's all because we don't have a situation. of course, if there is a weekend discount at migros. we used to drink tellibag when we were students, now we are fine again. we even drank urartian pitcher wine. you know i get a headache when i think about it now.


white wine is drunk with white meat, red wine is drunk with red meat.* - red wines are generally aged and can get hotter as they age, while white wines are drunk fresh without aging, with very special exceptions. - the bottle of white wine is usually open


don't let the 2nd and 3rd entries of the title mislead amateur wine lovers: you don't peel the skins of the grapes one by one while making white wine, sir. you squeeze the juice of the grapes and separate the pulp (called cibre). you are only fermenting the water. in order to make red wine, you squeeze the grains and put them together with the shell and core (without breaking the seeds) for fermentation. except that; sir, don't listen to the comments like that is good and the other is crap. it would be irrelevant like raki vs tequila...


for those who prefer the breed between the two; (see rose wine)


can join the fight by saying that red wine triggers my migraine, white wine is okay. by the way, red wine in winter and white wine in summer seem to be better.


white wine is concise; it is not always drunk everywhere, it honors the drinker and the place where it is smoked. red wine is a friend of bad days, it is drunk anytime, anywhere, understands the mood.


white wine is a good day friend. red wine is a bad day friend.


white wine is yellow, red wine is burgundy.

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